Math Games for Kids
Making Change
Number Bridge Finding patterns
Addition Scale
Dogbone Number Sense
Magic Math Math Facts
Stop the Clock 1 Telling Time
Stop the Clock 2
Stop the Clock 3
Stop the Clock 4
Stop the Clock 5
Word Problems
Buy it Counting Money
Symmetry Game
Place Value Game
Cyberchase What's My Rule?
Ballpark Estimates
Comparing Fractions
Multiplication and Division @ Chubz Diner
+,- Fractions
2D & 3D Shapes
Measuring (at bottom)
Hooda Math
Shopping Mall Math
CA$H OUT Change
Number Words 0-10
Number Words 0-100
Base 10
Comparing Numbers <, >, =
Bar Modeling

Here are some pictures of our students working on their subtraction skills:

Check out our screenchomps! A screenchomp is a screen captured movie.

Partial Sums!

Unit 10

Unit 8: Fractions:

Unit 5

On this page we'll share information that we can use to make graphs.