The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) is an organization that is responsible for answering the question, "Why should we come to St. Louis/What is special about St. Louis? " Their organization has a website called that answers this question in detail and helps people who are visiting St. Louis get to know all our city and county has to offer. On this website there is a section called St. Louis for Kids. They are constantly thinking of things that can be added to this section that will help entice families to visit St. Louis and provide fun things for them to do. This is where they need your help! They would like to add a "kid generated tour" that families who visit this website can go on when they visit St. Louis.

Our client would like for you to create a day long tour of St. Louis that is creative, entertaining and informative of St. Louis' landmarks. You will work in groups of 4 to tackle this problem.

In order to help our client choose the tour we will go on, you will be provided a checklist of expectations. Your group must create:
1) a detailed plan of events for your tour stop
2) a persuasive paragraph for why we should choose your tour stop.
3) a creative, entertaining, and informative presentation/activity for your specific tour stop.

Everything must be submited by December 8th.
The entire tour will have a budget of $200.
Our client will choose various stops and put together a tour based on your ideas. We will go on the tour on Decmber 13th.

Travel Tools:
Explore St. Louis
Explore St. Louis' Top 25
Forest Park Visitors Center
Butterfly House
The Magic House
Jewel Box

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