What is your family like?

These are some pics of our families... some of us are only childs and some of us have lots of siblings!
Here are some pictures from St. Louis, Missouri, USA and our families - http://intranet.micds.org/lower/class2019galleries/Family/Site/Family.html
Here is why the second grade students in St. Louis think grandparents are special.

Bauti's family
bauti's-family.jpgBauti and his sister Abril with Mom and Dad
Gonzalos's family

Gon with his Mom and Dad
Guido's family
Guido with his Mom and Dad (his older brother is in the back)
Agustina A.'s family
Agustina with her twin sisters, her older brother and his younger brother Simon, and Mom and Dad
Pedro B.'s family
Pedro E. with Abril, his sister and Mom and Dad
Pedro E.'s family
Pedro E. has and older brother and an older sister, and his Mom and Dad
Toribio's family
Toribio with his sister and his Mom and Dad