Message from Mrs. McMillion:

The north entrance closest to second grade is very plain. I have really been impressed with what you have accomplished from the MICDS and St. Louis projects. I was wondering if you could help me design something better for this outside space. With money from Beasley and the Business office as well as a generous donation from the Parent Association, you will have a working budget of over $2000 to finance this project. I am looking for a design that is creative, informs and represents Beasley School, is welcoming to everyone that uses this door, and brightens up this space.

I will have a team that will help in making decisions as you go throughout this process. The team consists of Mrs. Young who is in charge of business at MICDS, Mr. Barciszewski who is in charge of the buildings and grounds at MICDS, and Mr. Lamb who is professional artist and college design teacher. We hope to unvail your masterpiece on Gallery Night in the spring. You will work as individuals, in partnerships, and as an entire second grade class to complete this project. Mrs. Oliver and your teachers will fill you in with more details.

Thank you so much for your help with this project and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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